About Me

Hello there! My name is Hope Angeline and I love.........

* to make things, all different kinds of things I am a crafter * go to thrift stores * read *try new recipes ( even though I am not a very good cook but I am getting better) * Hello Kitty ( I have quite a large collection ) * to dance. I dance anywhere and everywhere. * to spend time with my family. * being a mama * I love sparkle! I secretly wish I could bathe in glitter. I know it is cheesy but I really do wish that.

I am married to a wonderful guy named is Christopher. He is my lobster and it was love at first sight when we meet. He is a HUGE comic book nerd.
I am a proud mama to 3 boys and a beautiful girl. Gilbert ( Gib is what we call him) is 21, Kal-El is 9, he is named after Superman and he is a total daddy's boy. Bruce is 6 years old and named after Batman but we call him Brucee. He is a total mama's boy. Kara Love is 5 years old, and named after Supergirl and is just so precious, I am truly blessed that I was chosen to be here mama.

My beautiful daughter Jaslynn passed away in 2005 due to cancer when she was 5 years old. She is our Angel. I am also a proud mama to twins who we lost 2010 when I was 12 weeks pregnant they are our Little Angels too.

I know after losing a child it can be hard to think of life going on, laughing, or being happy ever again. But things will get better and you will smile again. I promise. Even though I am sure you are tired of people telling you that. I am not going to lie there are some days that are harder than others but you will get through it. On my hard days I look at a picture of Jaslynn that we have above the fireplace she has a huge smile, all of her hair and things just get better.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog..........

If you have any questions for me you can contact me at hopeangeline.designs@gmail.com

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