Thrifty Finds!

Yesterday was Good Friday, I got off of work 1/2 a day and headed to my local Texas Thrift Store because everything has 1/2 OFF!!!! Can you YAY?!?!?!?!

I found so many wornderful things. I hate to say this but I spent almost $100. It was not as busy as I thought it maybe but I went by myself without any kids and I had a blast having some me time. They had a cute vintage Care Bear Tricycle that I was so tempted to buy but someone had beat me to it. I love finding Care Bears and My Little Pony's for my Kara Love. Especially the vintage ones.

I also found a Build A Bear Hello Kitty! She is a little dirty but for $1.50 I decieded to bring her home. So far Kara Love has 4 different Hello Kitty Build A Bears that I have found and I have spent less than $10 on all of them.

I will take some pictures of the clothes I found and post them here so you guys can take a look at what I found! What is your favorite thing to find at the Thrift Stores?

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