My daughter Jaslynn was the most amazing little girl you could have ever met. A month after her 4th birthday Jaslynn was diagnosed with brain cancer. Those words your daughter has cancer are at the time the worst words I thought I would ever hear about Jaslynn. Jaslynn fought a year and a half battle with cancer. She endured chemo and radiation treatments. We traveled to Houston and to the NIH hospital in Maryland when chemo treatments here in San Antonio were not working. Jaslynn received treatments that would knock most adults down for days, but not her. Jaslynn was a fighter. She was strong, happy, loving and selfless. The worst words I have ever heard are “there is nothing else we can do the cancer has spread.” Jaslynn lost her battle with cancer on January 7, 2005 at just 5 years old.

Not a day goes by that I do not think, talk about or talk to Jaslynn. I miss her so much it hurts sometimes. But I think about her life, how she had a smile and laugh that was contagious, her love for stickers, Spiderman and Bratz dolls. I think about her loving and selfless nature. Even at that young of an age Jaslynn was always willing to help someone in need. She would sit with her best friend Kennedy hold her and while she cried and promised her that her mommy would come get her after school. She would tell her “Don’t worry Kenny I here for you.” I think of the gift she was able to give to 2 strangers and I cannot help but be in awe of her. I have made a promise to Jaslynn. She is not going to be just remembered as a little girl who lost her battle with cancer, I want for her to be remembered for the legacy she left behind. I no longer cry because he is gone, I smile because she lived and out of everyone I was given the honor of being her mom.

Because she lived she filled so many people with happiness, hope, faith and love.

Because she lived she made me a better person.

Because she lived 2 people were given the gift of sight.
And that is how she will be remembered.

In 2010 Jaslynn was honored in the Rose Parade. You can see it here:

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