Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Time

Spring means I get to look forward to.........

* warm weather

* going to the park with my boys to ride the train at the zoo

* family picnic's

* clearing out the clutter

* and the best part about living in San Antonio Fiesta

Fiesta is a 11 day party where there are 100 events. If you ever plan on visiting San Antonio do it in the spring when the weather is not so hot and do it in April to take part in this city wide event. There are parades, festivals, concerts, coronations, athletic events, art exhibits & so much more. My favorite event is the Oyster Bake at St. Mary's University. It features over 100,000 oysters that will be served raw, baked or fried. In addition to the oysters there are 60 food booths that have anything from fajitas, hamburgers, egg rolls to armadillo eggs. There is also 5 stages where you can hear bands play anything from rock, country to tejano. They also have carnival rides and different carnival games.  If you live in or near San Antonio check out the website for ticket prices and all the information

But the one thing overall I look forward to the most in Spring is riding the train at the zoo. My son Kal-El loves it so much and has a huge smile on his face the minute we pull up in the parking lot until he gets off the train.

What do you look forward to in Spring??


Emily Hope said...

How could I have forgotten about spring picnics. There is nothing better than eating with family, outside, enjoying awesome weather.

Hope Angeline said...

I know :) I love them so much Emily!! When its cold or rainy outside me and the kids have a picnic in the living room :)

Alisha said...

Fiesta and Niosa are awesome! I like to go on the first couple of nights. It's not as crazy or crowded with lots of people! But definitely something great to look forward to. I'll be back home in SA in April for sure!! :)