Friday, April 24, 2015

Day 24: My Favorite Quote and Why....

Today's challange is your favorite quote and why...Mine is

I live by this quote. I have been through so much, my life could be a Lifetime Movie. But everything I have been through has taught me not to give up. Even though with my anixety and depression I just want to crawl in a ball and stay in bed somedays I push through those feelings.

I am lucky to have a wonderful husband that has stuck with me even at my worse. Kids that love me to death and give me the best hugs ever. A few friends that I love with all my heart (they know who they are) and I know if I call them they would be there for me. I do not want my experiences or my mental illness to define me.

Is there a quote that you live by? What does it mean to you? Thanks for stopping by today Friends!

A Fresh Start

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