Friday, June 17, 2011

Waiting for Bruce Holden to come........

Our baby is due on June 28, 2011. We are all very excited for him to get here. As I told you earlier my husband is a huge comic book fan especially DC Comics. We have a son named Kal-El after Superman, and he has convinced me to name our baby Bruce after Batman which I know is crazy! Our oldest is named Gilbert so my husband has given him the character of Green Lantern. So I have decided to make all the boys t-shirts for them to wear at the hospital.
This is the shirt that my oldest Gibby will be wearing.
This is the shirt that Kal-El will be wearing.
This is the shirt that Bruce Holden will wear when he comes home.
The shirts feature Batman, Green Lantern and Superman. I got plain white t-shirts from Hobby Lobby for Gibby and Kal-El and I got the onesie at Goodwill for Bruce. I also purchased a package of White T-Shirt Transfer from Target. They were very easy to make! I got very lucky and found the Batman socks at a discount store here in San Antonio, TX.
I hope you like them!!

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