Thursday, March 22, 2012

Night Owls

I would like to know if any other mama's out there have this problem with there kids.........

Night Owls

All 3 of my kids are night owls. They sometimes will not fall asleep until after midnight! I have tried to put them to bed earlier but they will not fall asleep. I have tried to put them on a schedule but it is hard because Topher works nights and sometimes he does not get home until 10 or even way later.  And of course when daddy gets home everyone is so happy to see him, they want to stay up to spend time with him. Or sometimes family will come over to visit and they will stay late too.

I do have to admit it though I have insomnia so about 6 nights a week I do not all asleep until after 3 am.

It gets hard in a way because I feel like I never have HOPE time. Because I fall asleep so late I wake up when Brucee or Kal-El wakes up. Oh did I mention Kal-El will not take a nap.  I can not tell you the last time I had time to myself where I can relax, take a shower in peace without children, work on my jewelry and items for my store or paint. It really does get hard sometimes.

Are there any other mama's out there with this problem or have any ideas to help get the kids to bed sooner????

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