Sunday, June 2, 2013

Having a Daughter after losing a Daughter

On January 7, 2005 is the worst day of my life.  That is the day my daughter Jaslynn Faith lost her battle with cancer.  She was only 5 years old.  If I had to describe Jaslynn in one word it would be AMAZING.  She had so much strength, more than I think I can ever have.  When Jaslynn lost her battle with cancer ( by the way F*** you cancer)  I never thought I would ever ever have a daughter again.  Well, 8 years later to the day I had Kara Love.  When I was in labor with Kara I started to cry, I thought to myself how can I celebrate Kara Love's life every year when this is the day that Jaslynn lost hers.  Well, I can tell you this after 4 months of Kara Love being here with us, I know that Jaslynn sent her to me.  To let me know that everything is good.  For me not mourn her anymore but to celebrate her.  So I will do that every year, instead of mourning Jaslynn I will celebrate her life and we will celebrate Kara Love's life.


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