Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day 1: An intro and tell us something that makes you smile

My Intro:

I am going to give a short little intro: My name is Hope Angeline. I am married to a great guy, I have my very own Justice League. My oldest Gibby is 18, Kal-El (my Superman) is 6 and is in Kindergarten, Brucee (my Batman) is 3, & Kara Love(my Supergirl) is 2. I have 3 Angels is Heaven. My daughter Jaslynn was 5 years old when she lost her battle to cancer in 2005, and I lost twins in 2010. I love anything sparkly and glittery, Hello Kitty, and Bunnies. I hate Math with a passion but I am a Accounts Payable Agent for my day job and deal with Math majority of my day.

Something That Makes Me Smile:

My daughter Kara Love makes me smile. You can not help but smile when she looks at you with those huge brown eyes and gives you that look. My favorite is her reaction when I come home from work. She yells "MOMMY" with a squel and gives me the biggest hug. Kara Love was born on the day my daughter Jaslynn passed away with cancer. Having a child the same day you lost a child is very bitter sweet.

Even though thier is no way ever Kara Love could replace Jaslynn, Kara Love brings me such a happiness that I can not explain. She makes me smile, laugh, and she brings such happiness to my life.

A Fresh Start


Karissa Ancell said...

Thank you for linking up with my blog challenge, how incredible that your beautiful daughter was born on such a tragic day. I'm so sorry for your losses but I'm glad you have your family.

Hope Angeline Sepulveda said...

Your Welcome! And thank you for the topics! I am so exicited to do this. And thank you for your kind words. xoxo Hope