Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 10: A How To Post

Day 10's A How To Post On Being and Living Sparkly

So I am going to do a Post on Sparkling! And I am just not talking about wear sparkly make-up and a Fabulous Sparkly Glittery Shirt or outfit. But that does help!

Now I am not a expert on Sparkling but to me sparkling is so many different things. To me is your personality that makes someone SPARKLE the most. I have decided to not let things bother me, and in the famous words from Frozen "Just Let It Go". I spent so long worrying about things that were not important and spending time with people who tried to dull my sparkle or made fun of my "On Friday, I Sparkle" quote meaning every Friday to work I wear something Sparkly and Fabulous! So I now and Forever:

You need to be happy for yourself. I still do suffer from my depression and anixety, and there are days that I do not want to Sparkle. But I remember that it is ok to have a bad day, but the bad days do not define you. So if someone wants to tease me for my Sparkly make-up and outfit, I am going to let them but I will not be afraid to Sparkle a little brighter. There are people that love me and my sparklyness, I love me with my sparklyness. I am going to try my best to smile to strangers as I walk by and say Hello, always help someone in need, smile at the people who want to see me fail. You never know the sparkly smile you give to someone might just change there day around.

Thank you for stopping by today and have a very SPARKLY Friday my friends and remember:

A Fresh Start

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