Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 28: If I were President....

We are on day 28 of the #APRILBLOGADAYCHALLENGE with Karrisa over at http://afreshstartonabudget.com/. Can you believe that April is almost over? I can not. I am so proud of myself for writting everyday! And I am kinda sad it is almost over.

Today's blog post is if I were President. If I was President....

I'm not sure what I would do to be honest. I know I would like to see all children receive breakfast/lunch for free at school. I would also like to promote organ/tissue/eye donation. I know there is way more important things in this world then the above things I metioned but I would love to see that no kids come to school hungry or not be able to eat because they do not have enough money in there "account" to eat.

I belive that registering to be a donor is very important. If you have not decided to do it, please consider it. Talk to your family and let them know your wish to be a donor. Everyone can make a difference so choose to Donate Life!

Thanks for stopping by today Friends!

A Fresh Start

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