Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 30 What I want To Accomplish This Year....

Today is the last blog post in #APRILBLOGADAYCHALLENGE with Karrisa from I am very proud of myself because I posted everyday! I think this is a start in me not procrastinating anymore. I have had a blast writting these topics!

So what would I like to accomplish this year??? Let's see....

1. I want to see where my blog can take me.

2. I want to open my Storenvy store, and start selling my creations

3. I want to also sell on Ebay all my fun thrifting things I find.

4. I want to start working out.

5. I want to stop procrastinating even more.

6. I want to travel a bit, even if it just to visit nearby towns here in Texas.

7. Make more meals at home for my family.

8. I want to be creative more and make fun sparkly things!

9. Donate more time to voluntering with Donate Life and the San Antonio Eye Bank.

10. And Finally I want to be happy.

I think I can accomplish everything on my list for 2015. Thanks for stopping by today Friends! I hope you enjoyed the #APRILBLOGADAYCHALLENGE as much as I have.

A Fresh Start

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