Sunday, May 3, 2015

Last Week Was Horrible!

Hi Friends! I am sorry I have not written the last few days, but last week was a very rough week. I felt stuck and like I was not able to do anything right, especially at work.

Have you ever had someone point out every mistake you have made??? Yup that was my week last week. It seems that every mistake I have made at work came into light over Thursday and Friday. I was over Friday at 9 am. I work 8-5. It was a really rough week. I started to feel helpless, and depressed again. I hate that feeling. All I wanted to do was cry. It had me second guessing myself about everything.

I was thankful that my boss let me leave an hour early. She told me to go home, regroup, chill, and come back on Monday ready to rock and roll.

So that is what I did. I am rested. (As rested as I can be with 3 kids under the age of 6). But I am ready to take on next week. I am ready to take on next week! Next week will be mine! I will Sparkle!

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