Friday, May 8, 2015

A Very Scary Moment

I want to share a very scary moment that I had the other day with my kids, especially with Brucee. We were at our appointment and I was at the counter talking to the lady behind the desk. She was going over some stuff with me, I had Kara Love on the counter, and Brucee was holding my dress.

Well, I felt Brucee let go of my dress, and I looked down at him and he smiled at me. I continued to talk with the lady behind the desk, when I looked back down at Brucee he was gone. It was a matter of a few seconds, I swear. When I finally realized where he was at, he was walking outside with a girl. I started to scream and took Kara Love off the counter and yelled at the lady behind the counter to watch her please.

I started to run outside and the girl just looked at me and said "Oh here he is". I gave her a death stare and grabbed Brucee. I was so angry and scared. When I went back inside everyone was staring at me. I felt like such a horrible Mom. You have no idea. It just a matter of seconds from the time he let go of my dress till he was walking outside with that girl. I would never ever forgive myself if something had actually happened to Brucee.

I never understood to be honest with you, when I heard parents say it was just a matter of seconds. Now I completely understand. Have you ever had a horrible Mom moment? How did you overcome feeling like a horrible mom? Thanks for stopping by today Friends and let me share with you.

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