Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The one thing you should never do is...

The one thing you should never do is to believe that you are unable to accomplish anything, that you have such a feeling of worthlessness that all you want to do is stay in bed.

I have those feelings often due to my mental illness. I am trying my best to overcome these feelings and to reach goals I have set forth a long time ago. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Which I have said some many times before. I want to be better for my kids. I want us to go and do things on the weekends not just sit at home and stare at the TV. That has pretty much what we have been doing for a very long time. I no longer want to fail. I want to inspire people to overcome there demons too.

At the begining of the year I had so many goals that I wanted to reach. I even did a vision board on New Years Eve. And here we are already in the middle of July and I have not set out to reach any of my goals. This needs to change. I would hate to sit here on New Years Eve this year and not accomplish a damn thing.

So I am making a promise to myself here and now to accomplish some of those things I set at the begining of 2015. I know we are already in July and won't be able to accomplish them all. Even if no one ever reads this it will be my reminder. Thanks for stopping by today my Sparkly Friends! I have big plans so I hope you stick around for the ride!

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