Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lately I have been feeling.....

Living with a mental illness is not easy. But lately I have been having really bad days. I can not seem to get out of the funk I am in. It makes me feel so horrible because my Brucee tells me "Mama please don't be sad you need to be happy! Mama please smile" I look at him and smile and he tells me "No mama mean it!"

As a Mother that breaks my heart, that my 4 year old has realized when I am down. That is why yesterday I woke up and listed the 5 things that I was thankful for. I really want to be ok. I am so tired of being down and always tired. 

I'm tired of saying "I'm fine " when someone ask me "How are you today?"

I want to say that "I'm fine" and mean it! Not lie about it.  Mental illness is not something that should be taken lightly.  

I know this feeling will pass, the feeling of hopelessness & sadness.  I am very sorry for the sad post today my Sparkly Friends.  I hope you stop by tomorrow! 


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