Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ever Have One Of Those Days??

Yup, I have that day wasn't one thing in particular that happened it was more like a stream line of things........

All I wanted to do was give up today, roll up in a ball and just cry. But of course I am unable to do that well, because I was at work. But believe me if I could I would have.

But I need to remember, which I have a very hard time doing especially lately. I don't know if it is due to what I am going through with my mental illness. I want to believe that things will get better, and everything happens for a reason, and what does not kill you makes you stronger.

But I am having such a hard time doing that. I can't even get exicited about my trip that we have coming up. I mean come on who would not be exicited to be on a 7 day cruise with there family? Me, that's who. I am hoping this feeling will pass, and I once again will be happy again. I had a friend tell me, go on your trip and come back "Happy Hope" you have not been "Happy Hope" in so long. I even have my kids telling me to please smile, and be happy. That is all I want is to be happy. Happy Hope. I just feel like sometimes that person may never come back.

I am sorry to be such a grumpy sparkly unicorn my Sparkly Friends. But I wanted to thank you for stopping by today and listening to me vent. Here is to tomorrow being better fingers crossed.

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