Friday, March 30, 2012

New Thrift Store Finds........

Earlier this week I stopped by my favorite thrift store and found some good deals for my younger boys.

Brucee is growing so fast and has out grown a lot of his onesies.  I found a great deal on onesies and had to get them for him.

I also found shorts for both Brucee and Kal-El.

Plus I found some PJ bottoms for Kal-El and a blanket for Brucee.

But one of the best finds was a Superman table.  I got it for $5.  It was a little dirty and has marker on it but I think I can remove it.  This is going to go perfect in Kal-El's room.  I also thought I could use it for birthday parties to put presents on since Kal-El is named after Superman and Brucee is named after Batman.

All of the onesies and shorts I bought were less than $1.  One pair of shorts did cost $2.  The PJ bottoms were less than a $1 and the blanket was only $0.38!

The "color" of the day was yellow, so everything with a yellow tag was 50% off.  Over all I only paid about $18 and change.  Not too bad for 6 onesies, 4 pair of shorts, PJ bottoms, a blanket and a Superman table.

I hope everyone had a great week, and found some great things at there local thrift stores!

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