Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello Kitty and The Best Husband Ever!

Right now McDonald's is giving away Hello Kitty toys with each girls happy meal.  Well, they started on Friday January 25th.  My loving husband Topher came home after work on Friday with the complete set!  I know it may sound a little childish to be so excited about McDonald toys but I have a huge obsession with Hello Kitty, I have been collecting her since I was a young girl.  I can not wait until we have a house and I can have a craft room to display my collection.  Right now it is in a box in storage but one day I will have my craft room and will display my Hello Kitty proudly.  My husband makes fun of me for liking her so much, but it is OK that's just his way of saying "I love you no matter what".  Is there anything that you like to collect?


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