Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It is officially October!

  It is officially and that means Fall!  My favorite season of the year.  I enjoy the cooler weather, decorating for all the holidays, and where work finally starts to slow down a little bit. 

I have decided to try something crazy, blog everyday in October!  I know what you are probably thinking, "Hope you are insane! and I really doubt you can keep up!"  Well, my friends I am going to attempt it. 

I figured how can I get this blog going the way I want it to but just to jump right in and do it.  I have always wanted to attempt to blog everyday for a month anyways.  I know that I am starting on October 2nd, but for anyone who has worked in the apartment industry can vouch how crazy the 1st of the month can be! 

I might not come up with the most interesting post ever but I will promise to do my best.  

So please stop by at least once a day and join for me this fun and exciting adventure!



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