Friday, October 4, 2013

Men and their gadgets

I never have fully understood my husbands fascination with the new cell phones that come out the newest electronic gadgets.  So I have came to the conclusion..........My husband and his gadgets is like me and my craft supplies.  Today Topher noticed my bosses new "toy".  My boss got a Galaxy Note 3 and a Galaxy gear and Topher noticed the Galaxy gear from across the room.  His eyes literally got bigger when he saw it.  I didn't notice it until it started to ring when we were talking and he answered his watch.  Which by the way I thought was totally odd.

So that got me to think,  the way that Topher feels about all of these new electronic gadgets that come out, is the same way that I feel like when I go into Michaels and Hobby Lobby and notice a new craft item.  To be honest I wouldn't have an IPhone if it wasn't for Topher, I would probably just have a regular cell phone. 

I love craft supplies I mean I can spend all day at Hobby Lobby!  I love that place, the way it smells in the fall, the clearance sales they have.  I sometimes go on my lunch and just walk around. 

So I have decided to ease up on my husband when he wants to go and see what is new at Best Buy.  Best Buy to him is like Hobby Lobby to me.  Until tomorrow everyone!  Sparkle like no ones business!



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