Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7th a bitter sweet day for me

Today is a bitter sweet day for me, it's Kara Love's ️1st birthday and also it's been 9 years since Jaslynn lost her battle with cancer. I've dreaded this day. How do you celebrate one daughters life when you are still mourning an others? A few months ago I came to a realization I do not want mourn Jaslynn's life. I want to celebrate it. I do not want Jaslynn to just be remembered as a little girl who lost her battler with cancer. I want her to be remembered for her life even though it was short and she was only with us 5 years she accomplished so much. She gave the gift of sight to 2 people, she was a inspiration of hope, courage, determination & strength. For my Kara Love to be born on the day that I lost Jaslynn (which was not at all planned Kara Love's original due date was the end of January) I can't help to think that Jaslynn had something to do with it. So today I want to wish my Kara Love who has a smile & laugh just as contagious as her sister a very Happy 1st Birthday and to my Jaslynn not a day goes by that I don't think/talk about you mamas. Thank you both for choosing me to be your mommy. This version of Somewhere over the Rainbow by Israel "IZ" Kamakawio'ole was Jaslynn favorite song.  Every time I hear this song, I just can not help but smile.

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