Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 20: Psst Want To Know A Secert??

Well, want to know what I keep a secert?? It is a tad embarrassing.

Here it goes!! I have slept with my stuffed bunny Bunny (yes, his name is Bunny) every night since I was 5 years old and sometimes when my anxiety and depression are high I take him to work with me and keep him in my bag under my desk......I know I should not be doing that because I am in my 30's and it is a bit ridiculous but it makes me feel better. No one knows this besides my husband because when he makes the bed in the morning he puts him on my side and if Bunny is not there he knows that he came with me to

Here is Bunny under my desk in my most awesome thrift store Kawaii find ever! 

Thanks for stopping by today Friends!!

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