Monday, May 25, 2015

Preforming My First Wedding!

On Saturday May 23rd I had the pleasure and honor of marrying a very good friend Loretta to her husband Moses. It was such an honor to have done this for her.

To be honest I was a little nervous when the wedding started. I wanted to make sure that everyone could hear me, I did not want to sound like Minnie Mouse by talking louder. I was nervous she was not going to like what I was going to say. She let me choose what I wanted to say.
But after she meet her husband to be at the alter and I started to speak all my nervousness went away. Being able to be apart of a couple's big day like this was amazing. I am thinking of maybe doing this on the weekends. One of girls I work with is getting married and asked me if I would do her ceremony. I told her yes of course I would!

Loretta looked beautiful and so happy. One of the girls I work with Taran was my date and Chris stayed home with all the kids. I had a blast with the girls from work and talking and dancing. (Even though I only danced one dance it was a blast! I love to dance by Taran is not much of a dancer so I sat with her and talked.)

I think I may have found something that I love to do.  The feeling I had is something that I can't explain.  I had great happiness and love.  Thanks for stopping by today my beautiful Friends! And Congratulations one more time to the bride and groom!

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