Thursday, May 21, 2015

What does “a fresh start” mean to you?

A fresh start to me means letting go of all the negativity (feelings and people), taking a deep breathe, and finally focusing on what you what and doing what it takes to achieve your goal.

I am really have been trying to get out of my funk with my depression and anxiety and have a fresh start. But latley I have just had some bad days. Like today. Today was a bad day and my anixety was through the roof. But I really love the quote "Take a breath. It is a bad day not a bad life"

I need to remember this! So I am going to have a fresh start tomorrow!

So I am going to start tomorrow with a deep breathe and just relax. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! I have a 3 day weekend because of Memorial Day. A very good friend of mine is getting married on Saturday and I am offciating the wedding. Which I am very exicited about and honored she is letting me do this for her. (I will have a seperate post on her wedding!)

Thanks for stopping by today Friends!

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