Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hello July....Please Be Good

I am exicited for the month of July! I have my serious face on! And I am ready to get thigs started!

Not only is it my Birthday Month! Happy Birthday To Me! My oldest son Gib and I share our birthday. He is going to be 19 and I am going to be 38! (I am not afraid to admit my age.)

Even though I am suffering with my anixety, depression & schizophrenia, I am going to try to push through it. In my last post I talked about being sick and tired of being sick and tired. But I know that I am STRONG.

I know that I can get through this. I have been suffering for so long so I know it will not happen overnight, but I am determind to get back to my Super Sparkly Unicorn Self. After all it is my birthday month!

thanks for stopping by today my sparkly Friends! I hope you come back and join me on my journey. And remember to Sparkle, Glitter and Shine!

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